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tori_icontest's Journal

Who Painted That: A Tori Amos Icontest Community
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Who Painted that... is an icon challenge community for the musician, Tori Amos. This community was created and started by deep_salt_water and corrosiveheart (formerly pickupglass) in 2004.
Fellow maintainer, hadathought, joined the group in 2006.
• New challenges are posted on Mondays and will last for two weeks. (10-12 days for submissions, and 2 days for voting)
• Mid-week reminders of the new challenges will also be posted.
• All entries are to be submitted before the deadline given.
• All entries must fit Livejournal standards
   ⋅ No more than 40k in size and 100x100 pixels
   ⋅ Must be formatted to either jpg, gif or png
• Text is not mandatory with the exception of lyrical themes.
• Post both the image and the IMG URL when submitting your entries.
• All entries will be automatically screened. Do not screen your own entries.
• Do not use icons previously created.
• Do not share or use icons until the round is over.
• Voting will last for two days.
• Do not vote for yourself or ask anyone to vote for you. If this occurs, your vote will not be counted.
• Each round will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners, unless otherwise stated. Additionally, a Mod's Choice may also be awarded.
• Anonymous votes may not be counted, but you do not have to be a member to vote. To be notified of updates, please join the community to become a member.
Winners of each challenge will be awarded a banner for their icons.

After rounds of 3-4 months, the most voted for and total winning icons will be tallied for the final sum of winners. The top winners of these rounds will receive a $5.00 coupon for their Livejournal account.

Previous LJ coupon winners:
another_pilot, liminalstate, notokay, rapehat, underworldthing, annaham, xperfectlysane, vimh_graphics
Interesting in affiliating? Leave us a comment to any post.
emilie_stills, gg_capstills, lims_tori, toridesktops