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16 April 2012 @ 06:37 pm
Winner and Annoucement  
Challenge #147 has been long overdue. One person submitted icons, even after two submission reminders. I will be putting the community on a short hiatus, so that I can revamp it and maybe that will help with the participation and bring in some new members.

Also, the Final Tallied Winners have not been posted in years. This will take a while to figure up, so I will have time to get that done while the community is on hiatus. I know that is a big deal with this community and it was our intention to always keep that part of it up and running. We have not gone back on our word, even though we are insanely late in posting it. If you don't know what Final Tallied Winners are, you can refer to the community's profile.

Because one person did submit icons, I will be awarding them an award for Maintainer's Choice. There cannot be a voting round, but I think this person deserves an honorable mention for participating. blondeboy69, thank you :) I will make an winning banner this week for this icon:

I will make an announcement post when everything is in order. I hope that all of you stick with us, as we are the longest running Tori Amos icon challenge community on Livejournal. This community is like a little family to us and we would hate to see it die down like so many other great sister communities have.

Thank you,